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Small household appliances

Cooking has long been a byword for passion, and Bialetti’s small appliances are invaluable for expressing it. Practical and ready to use, they allow you to prepare quick meals or gourmet dishes, according to your whim and time available. Compact and easy to clean, the design is so modern and essential you will want to leave them on show on your kitchen shelf, like a contemporary work of art. The RED 3in1 stick blender is the magic wand for every dish you make. It can blend, chop, whip and beat ingredients in a matter of moments, and can be used quickly and safely in saucepans. Your dishes will be so smooth, you’ll want to taste them immediately. Do you want to surprise friends coming over for dinner? With the RED blender, you can not only make velvety soups and milkshakes, but also ice-creams, ice-lollies and mouth-watering recipes with sauces such as mayonnaise, pesto, guacamole, butter, hummus and vegetable creams. And at the end of the meal, a good coffee is the best way to round off the evening. In mere seconds, Bialetti’s coffee grinder brings you all the aroma and taste of fresh-ground coffee. The steel blade makes it a useful utensil for instantly grinding spices to use in meat and fish dishes. But that’s not all. Bialetti’s kitchen devices also include a multi-speed electric beater for beating, mixing and whipping your sweet or savoury mixtures effortlessly and in half the time; a citrus-fruit squeezer with a non-drip spout in steel, supplied with two different cones according to the citrus fruit used to make your thirst-quenching, healthy drinks; and a toaster, perfect for making toast for breakfast in the morning, or delicious toasted sandwiches for snacking or whenever you need a break. Bialetti’s kitchen appliances: as red as passion, and unique as good taste.

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