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Celebrate 100 years of Bialetti with the exclusive
Centenary Collection

Celebrate 100 years of Bialetti with the exclusive
Centenary Collection

Discovering Yirgacheffe and Ethiopia
At the origins of coffee to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Bialetti

For 100 years, Bialetti has been inspired by Italian uniqueness, a heritage of design and passion that lives on in all its products. But the history of Bialetti is above all a coffee-filled story. This is why Bialetti has decided to celebrate its 100 years, rediscovering its origins, its origins along with those of coffee.

The Centenary Collection comes to life precisely to bring together the inventor brand of Moka and the origins of coffee, born in Ethiopia, in the Yirgacheffe region. A collection with an original design, designed to enjoy the daily ritual of coffee: from ground to Moka, up to accessories. The design of the series recalls in particular the Ethiopian colors, such as the intense burgundy that recalls the local style, together with a floral pattern inspired by the lines of the coffee plant.

Gran Riserva with Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
The Centenary Blend.

The new Gran Riserva blend, the flagship product of the Centenario Collection, comes from the exploration of new plantations and the passionate search for the most authentic tastes. We have selected an exclusive variety of grains, able to enhance the intensity of the blend cultivated at Yirgacheffe, in Ethiopia, il the original birthplace of coffee.

A heritage from which a coffee with an enveloping and intense was born,100% arabica, where the aromatic and floral notes of the Ethiopian origin Yirgacheffe stand out.

The style and uniqueness of Moka Express become Limited Edition
Collect them along with the other accessories in the product line

To celebrate 100 years of excellence and celebrate the timeless charm of the Bialetti tradition, we reviewed the iconic Moka Express in a special Limited Edition. A simply unique piece, embellished by an exceptional brand, the reproduction of the authentic Bialetti signature

To accompany Moka Express, a range of products to honor the millenary history of coffee, both in its more ancient uses and in more recent ones.

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