Midnight - Gusto Delicato

05 May 2017

Midnight is the new espresso coffee blend of the "I Caffè d'Italia" line, perfect for every moment of the day, even in the evening.

Indeed, the special combination of Arabica and Robusta with low caffeine content allows you to taste a delicious and full body coffee, never to give up the aroma of true Italian espresso.

Produced in the Bialetti plant of Coccaglio (Italia, Brescia) together with the other blends of the range, Midnight is a 100% recyclable aluminum body capsule, containing 7 grams of ground coffee, as per the specification of the authentic espresso Italian.

Midnight capsules are compatible with all Bialetti espresso machines, available at Bialetti single-brand stores https://www.bialettistore.it/it/punti-vendita/cerca .