In the early 1950s the Moka Express began its ascent in all markets and we all know that when a product is successful, it starts to be imitated.

For this reason, in 1953 Renato Bialetti understood that to make the Moka recognisable, it was necessary to find a symbol, a character that would become a testimonial of his company and that would be a distinctive element on his product.

Who could embody the philosophy of his business better than himself? To give life to the Little Man with a Moustache was the ability of a designer of the studio Orsini di Novara, Paul Campani, a true genius in the world of communication.

An unprecedented success, the Little Man with a Moustache would enter into the homes of the Italians as the protagonist of the Carosello show with charming animated stories during the episodes of the programme.

For twenty years one saw him in television with the usual admonition: “Oh, yes, yes, yes … it seems easy to make a good cup of coffee,” a real torment that has gone down in history.

A distinguished character, characterised by an elegant black suit and bow tie, as well as the fedora hat, the oval nose, black moustache, long neck and arms, it represented the stylised graphics of a true connoisseur of coffee, and it seemed inspired by the figure of Renato Bialetti.